B-Lake, quick information

Lake B is the only lake at Kroksjöns fishing camp that contains trout (put and take). There’s about twenty jetties around the lake for fishing purposes, there’s also a jetty suited specifically in regard for handicapped people, suited to easily use a wheelchair in a safe manner (there’s a heightened rim of boards around the jetty’s edges, seen in pictures below). Down below are pictures showing a few of the jetties around Lake B.

As well as jetties around the lake to accommodate easy access fishing, we also have a number of small open air cabins, stone settings and a grill house, were you can light a fire as well as sit and eat. You are welcome to use these facilities, but keep in mind to roughly clean up those facilities when you leave, keeping an enjoyable experience for the next angler. There are also quite a few trash bins around Lake B which makes it easy to throw away any left-overs or waste after usage of said facilities.

All of the facilities around the lake can be used free of charge, except of the grill house, which is located on the small island in the middle of the lake. The fee to use the grill house is 350 SEK per day, and the fee includes a sack of fire wood. If you’d like to buy additional fire wood, there is a fee of 50 SEK per sack. You can book and pay for the usage of the grill house through the janitor of Kroksjöns fishing camp.

Besides the facilities and jetties written about above, there’s also two pavilions were you can sit and relax, enjoy the scenery of the lake, or have a Swedish fika.

Next to the cafeteria of Kroksjöns fishing camp, there’s a small gazebo with an excellent view of Kroksjön. Near the cafeteria is also the latest addition to Kroksjöns fishing camp, an open air grill house, limited to charcoal usage only.

Regarding the anglers, there are two spots around Lake B with the purpose of clearing fish and one spot near our service building. After you’ve cleared the fish, you put the waste in a plastic bag and throw it in the trash bin nearby.