Other options except of fishing

Other options except of fishing – What to see

If you’d like to take a pause from angling, or if you’re not as interested in fishing as your spouse, wife or husband, here follows some points of interests, which makes for excellent day trips!

Close by

  • The centre of Tranemo – Different kind of stores, mainly stores for the daily life. Tranemo is the centre of the municipality.
  • Horse riding and exercise facilities
  • Bath house, sports center and ice rink
  • Paths for bicycling, hiking
  • Trolley driving (on railroad tracks)
  • Opportunity to paddle canoe
  • Glasets hus (house of glass) in Limmared. An idea spun out from the local community and enterprises. In Limmared lies the factory which creates the bottles of Absolut vodka. Glasets hus has a diner with rights to sell spirits and under a planned visit you can see a glassblower’s work, see some of the glass history of Limmared and even buy handcrafted glass items at the store.
  • A lot of antique- and second hand stores in Limmared
  • Torpa stenhus (stone house of Torpa) in Torpa. It’s a carefully renovated stone house, with the purpose of being a place of defence against the Danes in the olden days. A place of natural splendour and rich history. Gustav Vasa, known as the father of the nation in Sweden, took a wife from Torpa, Katarina Stenbock.


  • Borås djurpark (the zoo of Borås)
  • High chaparral, family centred shows of the wild wild west
  • Liseberg (theme park) in Gothenburg
  • Knalleland in Borås (shopping centre)
  • Gekås in Ullared (shopping). A very big store in Ullared with items ranging from hard wares to baby clothes. The store brings people from all corners of Sweden and is known for really low prices, especially on clothes.